During my time at Yale, I have been involved in different initiatives aiming to advance the position of women and other underrepresented minorities in the profession. I have also participated in discussions at the Department on how to improve students' mental health and wellbeing. Below you can learn more about some mentoring programs in which I took part.

Women in Economics

Graduate Advisor | Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 | Yale University

The Women in Economics group aims to provide information to students from underrepresented groups, to overcome some of the barriers they face when deciding to pursue an Economics major. From informal study sessions to inspiring talks by female Economists the group brings together students interested in forging a path in the Economics profession.

As a graduate advisor, I guided the first cohort of students that were part of the Yale Women in Economics group, and contributed to organize activities, such as faculty talks and career panels, that help to provide information to female undergraduate students aiming to pursue a career in Economics."

Herb Scarf Summer Research Program

Co-Director | Summer 2017-2019 | Yale University

Herb Scarf Summer Research Opportunities in Economics (HSSRO) is a program designed to give Yale undergraduates a chance to explore a career in economic research. Students are matched with professors to work in different aspects of the research process. The program also includes Faculty seminars, statistics workshops, student presentations, and social events to create an active community.

In 2017, I took over as Graduate Co-Director with my colleague Lucas Zavala, to develop this curriculum, transforming the program into a comprehensive pre-doctoral experience. We also offered continuous mentoring through informal activities and one-to-one office meetings.